Keynote: The Art of Storytelling

Recorded On: 10/23/2020

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Matthew Luhn, a 20-year storytelling veteran, has spent his career evoking the emotions of his audience. Firmly believing that stories serve as much more than entertainment, Matthew said they can invoke emotion and, most importantly, stories can help a patient feel comfortable and open to listening to another’s viewpoint. For physicians, using metaphors and storytelling provide the ability to frame a procedure or a health goal in a way that transforms it from a sterile and, perhaps, frightening clinical scenario, to one that is not only more easily understood, but also relieves patients’ fears. Storytelling aligns with the goals of Principle-Centered Medicine™ and allows osteopathic internists better connection with patients and fosters relationship building while putting the heart back into medicine. Whether in business or in patient care, stories have proven to be an influential communications tool. He noted only 5% can later recall statistics that have been shared, but that 65% remember the stories that they are told.

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